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My name is Paul Elliott and as the header says , I’m a writer.  Isn’t everybody?  Actually, there is a difference.  I am a very good writer and it’s taken me decades to finally get the nerve to say that.  Raised in the south, I was trained from childhood never to brag on oneself, and so I just went about my life, doing my thing and it is only in retrospect as I look back at all I’d done, that I can finally say “Holy cow, I’ve been a success and didn’t even know it. ” Theatre audiences  flock to  my plays and my new novel, The Riverton Project, is a major success and is being turned into a television mini-series.

I’ve had four West Coast Premieres in the past two years  as well as  an epic musical premiere in a workshopped production  at Northwestern University  which led to it winning the TNT-POP festival in Texas,  plus my second novel is  at the editors right now.

Okay, enough with self promoting.  If you want to really know who I am…click on the links above and get started. There are dozens of choices that will take you to every one of my plays as well as the  musical and the novel.

If you like what you read, then just let me know and I’ll  I’ll be happy to send you a copy.   Email me at  paul@paulelliottwriter.com

Until then, enjoy the site .  It  will be changing daily as more plays get produced.


See what Critics have said about Finding the Burnett Heart
by Paul Elliott

Back Stage (Critic’s Pick)
LA Weekly (GO!)
“One of the best plays to come along in some time” with “an impeccable cast.” (Back Stage).
“The play delivers an incisive exploration of father-son relationships and a damning portrait of bigotry and Christian fundamentalist dogma.” (LA Weekly). ”
… as much soul as it has heart . . . witty” (Accessibly Live).
“a thought provoking family drama” (Stage Happenings). ”
… one of the most powerful coming out plays ever.” (StageSceneLA)

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