The Door — 1m/1w/one off stage voice

Got enough of that when you were 12

A grandmother sits in her darkened apartment and refuses to answer the insistent  knocking at her front door. In fact, this woman has shut herself off from everything except the one person still capable of reaching her, her teenage grandson, Aint gonna happenJustin.

Now, he sits with her in the darkness, trying every trick he knows to get her to respond, to turn on the lights, to answer the door and reclaim her life. He pushes every annoying button he can push to finally get her to face her worst nightmare and what lies outside that door. It’s only at the last moment we discover that what she must face when she opens that door is the night the police came to tell her that her grandson had been savagely beaten and brutally murdered Justin because someone thought he might have been gay. DOOR-122

Every seven days in this country, another gay man, woman, or child is brutally bullied, beaten, or murdered and too many people are ignoring that truth.  This is the door that must be opened and this play throws that door open wide.

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