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World Premiere: In the historic Landers Theatre, Springfield, MO by the Springfield Little Theater.  “Exit Laughing broke the theater’s 50 year record for money raised and tickets sold with standing room only every night and more repeat customers than ever before.  It instantly became the most popular non-musical in the 100 year old history of the theater.WINNER!!!!


Springfield Leader: “Seize the day with ‘Exit Laughing’ at the Landers “

“It’s never too late — or too early, for that matter — to seize the day. That’s the uplifting message of “Exit Laughing,” the new Paul Elliott comedy at the historic Landers Theater..”

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Ron Spigelman, Director of Development & Marketing – Springfield Little Theatre :  After the first preview: “The show is going to be a major success.  We are getting comments on facebook such as “it’s a day later and I’m still laughing”.  The reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, and sales are very strong, we should be close to selling out the entire run!”

John “Chuck” Rogers – director   “I don’t think a group of performers has ever had as much fun as the cast, crew and I had in putting on this play.  We were laughing from first read-thru until previews…and then it was the audience  who was laughing—non-stop laughter.”

 Beth Domann,  Executive Director – Landers Theater (Springfield Little Theater)  Paul Elliott’s play, Exit Laughing, broke all house records for any non-musical in the fifty-year history of this theater.  After the first preview, we sold out every performance (480 seats) at full price for its entire run.   People were coming back two and three times, bringing family and friends, to see the show.  Amazing!”


Exit Laughing was awesome! I laughed until I cried!! Every time I go to LT I’m amazed at the talent.”

Exit Laughing was so funny, I’m still laughing. wonderful cast

“An amazing play and a great time with people I care about!”

“I had the pleasure of seeing Exit Laughing last night. What an amazing cast, crew, set, script! I cannot recommend enough how EVERYONE should see this production. It was not only funny but very poignant. It is one of those productions that makes you step back and look at your own life. DON”T MISS IT!!!

“Cast and crew of “Exit Laughing” – HOORAY! We laughed and laughed all night long. When the cast is so obviously having such fun, the audience just gets carried along for the ride. Congratulations on a fantastic show!

See what Critics have said about Exit Laughing in its first workshop product in Washington.

Paul Elliott’s Exit Laughing is the most sidesplitting play to hit a theater in a long time.   

It’s rare that people literally fall out of a chair laughing, but if it could happen, this would be the play to do it.

 The surprising thing is that the hilarity revolves around a grim subject matter: death!

 Maybe that’s because it really isn’t about death.  It’s about living instead of existing. Which – let’s face it – hardly anyone does.” (Meredith Pechta)

"Hurry up, we've got to hide her before the police arrive."

“The workshop ended up with full houses every night and could have run for three more months.”

Exit laughing synopsis:

When the biggest highlight of your life for the past thirty years has been your weekly card night out with the girls, what do you do when one of your foursome inconveniently dies?  If you’re Connie, Leona and Millie, three southern ladies from Birmingham you do the most daring thing you’ve ever done.  You “borrow” the ashes from the funeral home for one last card game and the wildest, most exciting night of their lives begins with a police raid, a stripper,  laughs and a whole new way of looking at all the fun you can have when you’re truly living.

This five character, one set,  play is the  perfect comedy for your next  theater season.

Don’t miss  Exit Laughing, the perfect comedy for your more seasoned actors, and a real audience pleaser.

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Paul@paulelliottwriter.com  or Dramatic Publishing



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